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blackbird . 2d
blackbird Lovers in laneways. @thejapanesehouse

coolblue92 omg are you really dating amber?

toadschool THIS IS DEFS MELBOURNE!!!!! @billyisbae

fhqwhgads ahhh amber is so cute.

billyisbae @toadschool WHAt she's here?

littleairplane Can't believe you're in Australia and not playing any gigs. 😭

maddyshores relationship goals 😍

izzyhatzi MOM & MOM

hayleyyears @coolblue92 she was sitting alone watching amber from side stage at walking shadows gig last night. :)

makamae94 this perfect woodland creature.

felagoerzz HELEN it was so awesome meeting you guys (we were the ones who asked for a photo after the gig out the back) so good!!

mrsdeshpande9 u wish u were as flawless as krishna u jelous nobody bitch. fuk u ur music SUCK

astroladen saw you having breakfast in adelaide but didn't want to be like the 50th girl to interrupt 😉😂😂😂😂

queenofbirds_ why aren't you on the bill??! the japanese house + blackbird + walking shadows = DREAM LINEUP

wildheartstevie whoah where are these figure nine crazies coming from lately?

marblehouse @wildheartstevie apparently she kicked him out of their flat idk but the random krishna tourettes in here is giving me life ngl 😂

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