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blackbird . 6h
blackbird Treat your lady with respect. @claude

dxzzxaxa Time to write some hits so you can replace those jeans

CaptainKrool 😍

ch_saud are you talking about guitars or about claude....

lastlivingrose Sexy @blackbird

claude is that a fender wah?

blackbird @claude That's A Vox Cheetah. It's From The '60s.

honeytree @claude @blackbird omg portlandia "you should get an external power for it" 😭

luis_is_not_social luvvv your music

babylionl0ve you two dating???

blackbird @babylionl0ve Me and Claude? Nah. Things are getting kind of serious with me and the 'stang though.

menezes.paloma beautiful setup

arnywood Omg if you're coming to California I am literally gonna die

robckerlml There are lots of music festivals here in Latin America, please come ;) greetings from Ecuador 😍

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