Grandpa Liakos
Hi Helen I learning to "text" on iPhone 6 xxx
Well done. It's 5am here though, you woke me up. What time is it there?
Hiatus say hello
Is broken
Hi yia yia.
Visit before she die
Come for holiday xxx
Or she make you life a roller skate.Ha ha
She know you smoking fagarettes
Tell her Dio quit fagarettes for new years, she has one respectable grandchild in England.
Σ’ αγαπώ
Glad you've learnt how to switch keyboards but can you use English, please? I'm still half asleep.
S'agapo kopela mou xxx
I love you too.
That's not English though, xazoula. That's Greek on an English keyboard.
I English for you but you no Greek for me
Only xazoula!!!!! Where is respect!!!!!!! 😱 😜 🙈 🇬🇷 🇬🇷 🇬🇷
Okay. Maybe when it's not 5am.
You too many complain 👺
Bye Papou I'm turning my phone off. x
Re: No Subject
Jamie Oborne
to me
Thanks Hel, you champ.

It's honestly up to you. Speaking as a friend? Yeah, there are some things I worry about. That's beyond my job desc as your manager though and I'm not inclined to come at it from a PR angle. One of the things we emphasised during your very first meeting was artistic and personal integrity and the fact that you'd never be polished or marketed in a way that felt unnatural. I stand by that. You're a smart woman and I'm not in the business of intervening in your personal life. We're overdue for a proper chat though so we can speak about it in more detail when that happens, but look after one another in the meantime. It's been a long few months and I'd describe the collective mental state at the moment as "precarious." Currently sending out cancellation notifs for tonight's event. Nightmare and a half.

Ps. Thought you might enjoy this photo from the office a while back. See you in a week, trouble. X

Jamie Oborne
Managing Director
All On Red Artist Management Ltd
19 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PX

Can you do me a favour?
What do you need?
Can you check in on Gus for me? I had horrible fucking anxiety nightmares about him and I know it's dumb but I just need to know that he's okay.
Talked to him a day or two ago, I think he's okay. I was telling him to come and jam with me when he's back in London. I'll keep an eye out. Is he not talking to you?
He doesn't want to talk to me, which is fair, but I left something OH WOW OKAY NEVERMIND ACTUALLY.
WOW. Fuck.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck
What's going on, babes?
You know when I said that thing about how when something seems to good to be true it usually is? Yeah.
Can you come over?
Leaving now, be there in thirty. Worried about you.
I'm sorry about this, I'm going to scream into a pillow for a bit and then I'll be able to do words by the time you're here. Audsjsgh AHHH.
Not sure what's happening but Sister Act 1 & 2 are on Netflix and I'm about to get on the overground.
Nothing you could say can tear me away from my Claude (my Claude) 🙏
Kelela Hallucinogen
Get Away
The Internet Ego Death
Lianne La Havas Blood
Life Worth Living
Laurel Laurel
Beach House Depression Cherry
James Blake Overgrown
Your meal is on its way!
to me
Thanks for your order, Sister Mary Clarence!

Freebird Burritos
86 Shoreditch High St, London, E16HU

1x Bottle Of Prosecco - £20.00
1x Naked Vegetarian Burrito With Guacamole - £6.00
1x Chicken Burrito With Guacamole - £6.00

Subtotal £32.00
Roo Charge £2.50
Driver Tip £4.00


Special instructions:
No sour cream on chicken burrito as Sister Mary Patrick is watching her cholesterol. Please bless this meal standing in the direction of mecca. Shalom.