helen blackburn

guys don't panic about the lack of blackbird gigs she's going to be at visions festival.....

...... judging a dog show.

since we are getting NO updates about how blackbird's second album is coming along and whether she's even still in the studio here is a video to remind us of the good old days when she actually shared stuff with us.

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY: the ethereal blackbird

why is vico the only one in walking shadows who doesn't seem to have a blackbird shirt? is he embarrassed? is he trying to keep their thing on the down low? (piggybacking her around every music festival in the northern hemisphere over the last six months probably was a bad idea if it's this) or is it draped over his altar? does he kiss it goodnight when he is on tour without her? we will always wonder. we may never know.

Casually browsing AO3 when


TOOTHLESS - PALM'S BACKSIDE. Toothless is the solo-project from Ed Nash. You probably know him better as the bass player in Bombay Bicycle Club. On his new single Palm's Backside he had some vocal help from Blackbird. In return, he took her to the English seaside town of Hemsby, on a not particularly sunny day by the looks of it, to shoot the video.

So Glastonbury was long and muddy and I'm ready to sleep for a week, but before I talk about how amazing PJ etc were, I need to let everyone know that we went to "Power Ballad Yoga" for a laugh on Saturday morning and found Blackbird and Hermione Grainger doing sun salutations together to Bon Jovi, and honestly, I think that was probably the best part of the weekend.

Helen Blackburn's terrifying laugh appreciation post.