• The Blackburn siblings unfollowed each other on all their social media accounts just before Christmas. I always assumed they were really close since they pimp each other's projects a lot, hang out all the time, seem to share a lot of friends etc. Helen went as far as deleting photos of John from her instagram. Something definitely happened between them. What?

• John then posted photos of the usual Blackburn family Christmas... minus Helen.

• The new Blackbird EP was released via Transgressive. NOT Dirty Hit, the independent label she has shared with boyfriend Vico from Walking Shadows for years, but Transgressive. The contact email on her website no longer links to Jamie Oborne, label owner and (former?) manager of both acts, but to a much more anonymous "website@blackbirdmusic.com"

• Just in case the former point made anyone doubt the state of their relationship, over New Years Vico posted a screenshot from True Romance to instagram, location stamped with Las Vegas, comments disabled, with a quote from the film underneath. Keep in mind that Helen and Vico met re-enacting True Romance for Walking Shadows' Robbers clip.

@vicorhys: "Why, are there any others, Mr.Worley?" "No. None for me."

• Walking Shadows cancel their entire European tour only a couple of weeks before it's due to start, leaving their schedule mysteriously empty for the first time in at least two years. While addressing ticketing concerns on twitter Jamie Oborne offers NO good explanation for this, only an assurance that the band are all well and nothing bad has happened.

• After promising we would see an album at the start of this year, Helen's social media has been completely dead for more than a month, giving us no clue as to what she's up to and whether the album will really happen or not.

• Confirming that he is indeed alive and has nothing better to be doing, except maybe I don't know honouring his tour commitments, Vico turns up with Helen to Balmain's tacky ass menswear show in Paris to stock up on pre-distressed leather jackets or whatever.

Conclusion: my personal theory is that Helen is knocked up, they found out and shotgunned it and that her brother did not approve/does not like Vico and has been summarily shut out of her life. Unless Vico is trolling (not unheard of) the instagram picture definitely seems to point to a quickie wedding. Drive thru nuptuals + abruptly cancelled tour = oops baby. Otherwise maybe something has happened with Dirty Hit and that's why the WS tour folded as well? Are the delays on the new Blackbird album due to label disputes? That still doesn't explain the total absence of John from her life over the last few months though. Does anyone else have more info?


Helen has broken her social media silence to post this:

@blackbird: Lazy Sunday with this little mite. Suspect he's not going to enjoy the end of his reign as an only child.

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