1. "There is not only need for tenderness, there is also need to be tender for the other: we shut ourselves up in a mutual kindness, we mother each other reciprocally; we return to the root of all relations, where need and desire join. The tender gesture says: ask me anything that can put your body to sleep, but also do not forget that I desire you - a little, lightly, without trying to seize anything right away."

    Roland Barthes, Tenderness. In: A Lover's Discourse: Fragments

  2. Every member of Walking Shadows has a Blackbird shirt. (Except Vico?)
    doesn't rly need one since hes wearing blackbird probably right now

  3. Actress Elizabeth Alton has now taken a major step toward pushing against gender inequality in Hollywood: She just launched Full And By Films, a production company with all-female executives. Alton will head the company along with development executive Elise Siegel. They are partnering with Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray of Maven Pictures.

    “I’m excited to launch Full And By Films, and I can’t imagine a better production partner than Maven Pictures,” Alton told Variety. “Trudie and Celine are not only both highly experienced and successful producers, but the projects they’ve created demonstrate their tenacious dedication to strong characters and compelling stories that clearly resonate with audiences. It’s an honour to work with them, as well as their company, one that mirrors many of the goals that I aspire to achieve with Full And By Films.”

    Read the full piece here


  4. Blackbird - Call Off The Dogs (Buzzsession)
    Silence my roaring veins, exhale inhale.

  5. Leland are you kidding me

  6. “I think a lot of art is trying to make someone love you.”

    — Keaton Henson

  7. faantine
    am i the only person not affected by generalized positivity… like post it notes in bathrooms that say ‘you’re beautiful’ or posts that are like ‘smile! you are a beautiful sunshine flower!’ i’m just like … okay…

    I just heard a psychologist (Guy Winch) say that the people that positive affirmations help most are actually the people who have high or at least normal self-esteem. They really do cheer those people up!

    But for the rest of us they run so counter to our general worldview (we’re fundamentally bad and deserve nothing) that our brain rejects them immediately as lies and uses that moment to remind us of how terrible and abnormal we actually are.

    What usually works for people with low self-esteem is stuff like writing out a list of very specific things we know we’re good at, and revisiting it every day to write a paragraph elaborating on one of those things (i.e. “I’m a compassionate person and here are five examples”) to try to set our brain on a different track long term.
  8. “Loneliness as a situation can be corrected, but as a state of mind it is an incurable illness.”

    Vladimir Nabokov

  9. Try to forget
  10. there are people you haven’t met yet who will love you