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strange neighbours @strangeneighbours
separated from a soap opera by a very thin
wall. the adventures of midnight weeper,
no filter, and gobby boyfriend.
(and formerly loud guy.)
Hackney, London
Joined February 2015
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 24 here's hoping the new neighbours are as entertaining.         11         44        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 24 it's all over guys, MW has moved out. left chocolate & nice note to make me feel guilty for putting a cup to the wall.         8         109        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 23 furniture is leaving! GB is helping the movers. screaming bird is screaming.         41         4        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 19 they have made up. next to my face. jesus grease your bedposts.         72         55        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 18 she is genuinely upset. "it's not like i don't bathe." this is a real argument now.         85         100        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 18 they are having a tiff because she asked if theoretically he would ever kiss her armpit and he said no.         97         94        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 3 "repeat after me, henry. awooooo!"         16         49        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jul 3 i think they are trying to teach the dog how to howl.         18         79        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jun 27 it has ticked over to the spanish remix of 'sorry', definitely the album.         6         87        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jun 27 cool punx on the terrace listening to 'company' by justin bieber while they puff puff pass. spotify on random?         3         55        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jun 14 NF is cat calling the builders across the street. "show us your crack!"         97         82        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ May 29 irony given the nightly exorcisms on that side of the wall when he's there but 1 min man here deserves heckling.         9         60        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ May 29 GB is back, loudly critiqued my flatmate's audible sex tonight + golf clap, i feel a new kinship.         3         9        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ May 3 how lonely do we think MW is on a scale of 1-10 additional pets?         32         65        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 27 MW coldly told woman to "just leave now."         48         91        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 27 "i'm just saying that you can do better." deranged laughter ensues. "that is rich, that is RICH."         25         84        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 27 "he's a moron and everyone knows it."         6         28        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 27 there is a woman whose voice i don't recognise in the flat and shit is going down. will keep you posted.         16         70        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 21 should i be concerned about recent animal acquisitions? is this a warning sign?         29         89        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 21 saw MW on way in toting puppy in crate. she is now baby talking it non stop inside her flat.         16         47        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 12 she has left birdsong audio on for her bird and left the house. i am not joking.         57         91        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Apr 2 there is now an actual screaming bird. (not just NF, the feathered kind.)         24         43        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Mar 12 update: she used it again.         37         39        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Mar 12 GB used NF's mug. NF has a mug. she is never using it again. she does not live here.         44         51        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Mar 9 how do i put a hit out on someone.         74         77        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Mar 9 woken up last 5 nights in a row by GB talking at max volume as he enters the building circa 3am.         69         84        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Mar 7 please don't sing drake in the hallway.         37         24        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Mar 3 celebrated quiet too soon. gobby boyfriend seems to be a fixture. possibly louder talker than loud guy.         40         49        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Feb 27 non stop smiths songs for hours. should i call someone?         27         94        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Feb 10 quiet.         73         29        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Feb 2 "he said he tried to fuck me out of his system but couldn't get it up cos of the coke. like thanks for the running updates on your dick."         22         74        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Feb 1 @clarehltt they seemed p hostile toward one another the last month but who knows.

ella @clarehltt
@strangeneighbours Do you know what happened? I feel weirdly invested in the lives of these strangers.
        76         99        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 30 @dangerousnat the loud guy. suppose there will be less usher and more crying.

n a t e @dangerousnat
@strangeneighbours which one left?
        77         78        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 28 strange neighbours are now officially strange neighbour. boxes in the hallway.         44         56        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 25 it has been very quiet lately. both strange neighbours potentially on holidays?         4         37        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 19 @herostyles94 my spirit animal rosie the nosy neighbour. yooHooh with a spatula in her hand (spat-u-lahhhh) https://youtu.be/jsy5R3...

maria @herostyles94
@weirdneighbours lmao what is your icon?
        23         26        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 14 that new beach house album sure is great isn't it MW. play it another 20 times.         48         31        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 8 or both? but henceforth am going to refer to him as gobby boyfriend.         12         63        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 8 can't tell if gent with northern accent who is there every night is a hookup or a drug dealer.         57         81        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 6 "you can't trust a guy who likes murakami. i should have known."         30         77        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 4 guess there will not be any fun pyjama parties for a while.         39         50        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 4 this escalated quickly. can't hear well as they are not in bedroom but doors have been slammed etc.         25         22        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Jan 4 breaking: loud guy needs to talk. to be fair, he always needs to talk, but today he needs to "talk."         14         69        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Dec 31 prepared for worst but flat has been dead quiet. strange neighbours being strange elsewhere. happy new year.         11         11        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Dec 20 violent sobbing @ 1am. midnight weeper is my asmr.         55         23        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Dec 13 @softpetal loud guy and midnight weeper, although the former is not around often. trust me, i'd notice.

Laura @softpetal
@weirdneighbours who actually lives there?
        14         71        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Dec 12 update: it is no filter. "let me in, it's bedtime!"         36         71        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Dec 12 5am: loud banging on door for 15 mins.         68         72        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Dec 3 @BelieveInKP no. just a guess based on the loud sex he has with other men & then the complaining about said men to her on the terrace.

Kinia @BelieveInKP
@weirdneighbours Are they a couple?
        24         53        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Dec 3 sunday afternoon, LG and MW together in bed talking, have to admit this feels comforting like i am at a sleepover.         15         99        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Nov 30 currently making my wall vibrate: yeah! by usher. looks like loud guy is home.         9         77        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Nov 23 slide into my DMs if you need a spare el vy ticket, i can put a note under the door.         18         42        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Nov 23 her brother meant well but this is a crisis now. there will be crying tonight.         86         90        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Nov 23 but the guy she was meant to ask turned her down. she is mortified. and no one is in town!         21         28        
strange neighbours @strangeneighbours ∙ Nov 23 this week on dawson's wall: MW loud phone convo. brother got her 2 el vy tickets for her birthday.         16         29